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BARBARA I GONGINI strives for human equality in all its shapes and forms. The core of the BARBARA I GONGINI brand DNA is  centered on the strength of the individual and not on gender or sexual orientation, societal order or other normative pressures. The brand is thus built on a playful imaginative tale of craftsmanship that breathes freedom of self-expression. BARBARA I GONGINI supports freedom of expression and creates designs that are open to personal customization and interpretation.



As a reputable and trusted business committed to offering high-quality products to its customers, we recognize our obligation to ensure that our suppliers operate ethically. Therefore, we expect our suppliers to consistently provide an environment which protects their employees' health, safety, and basic human rights. All suppliers must comply with their national employment laws and regulations, with particular regard to:


_Minimum age of employment

_Freely chosen employment

_Health and safety

_Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

_No discrimination

_No harsh or inhumane treatment

_Working hours

_Rates of pay

_Terms of employment



The core brand premise, from which BARBARA I GONGINI emerged, was “to create sustainable avant-garde clothing design”. The BARBARA I GONGINI product represents a Wardrobing Concept based on longevity and multifunctionality. This is owed to the fact that BARBARA I GONGINI aims to contribute to local and global responsibility by pushing the boundaries of ethical garment creation and sustainable fashion design.



The BARBARA I GONGINI Wardrobing Concept entails longevity, which means that the collections are based on a numerical order. New garment designs can easily fit previous, current and future ones, inspiring a more conscious approach to consumption. Moreover, BARBARA I GONGINI clothes are part of a “kit” where individual items can be disassembled or layered up, evoking the essence of re-usage and granting customers a more sustainable wardrobe. Our designs can be rekindled for years ahead and they are not trend based per se, instead forming a larger part of one’s identity.


BARBARA I GONGINI designs are rich in multi-functional elements, where a single creation can be worn in x amount of ways, carrying several inherent looks in just one piece. Thus, multiway creations allow end-consumers to build their existing wardrobe with long-term usage and ethical fashion consumption in mind. At the same time, multiways enable each user to pursue a personal approach to garment styling and wardrobing.



We seek to minimize waste throughout the design process, recycling fabric as well as other product components. We source fabrics worldwide for the best options in order to create a sustainable product.


BARBARA I GONGINI entails longevity and a crucial point within our sustainability pillar is to instigate new expression and life into already created designs. Upon demand and level of appeal, undistributed stock levels are upcycled and given new forms.


We strive to work only with suppliers which respect the EU legislation standards, and source a range of materials approved by Oeko-Tex®. These are tested for harmful substances, for both health and environmental reasons.



BARBARA I GONGINI strives for transparency and we are doing our ultimate best, to be as clear in our communication procedures as possible, internally and externally. Do you have ideas about how we can become even better? Talk to us. Do you have any potential concerns? We invite them. This is how we all together, can strive for a better outcome for all interests involved. Contact us at info@barbaraigongini.dk