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STATEMENT. We, at Barbara I Gongini have recently stumbled upon a tumultuous time that caused us an unexpected shift of direction and revealed challenges for the future that are rooted in the past. It is not unusual for a life to meet a turning point where its entire existence is put to question as the storm of crisis dominates the sky above our troubled heads. 


We have therefore had an immense heart-to-heart with ourselves where we delved into our core values to define the essence of Barbara I Gongini in order to uphold our brand as one of the leading sustainable and avantgarde fashion brands. After a good hard look back in this examination of conscience we’ve decided to implement extensive structural changes and backtrack our journey to the very beginning reacquainting with our initial drive and mission that, this time, will take us to new exciting heights.


One of the major changes is the bitter farewell with Nordan which we decided to send off on an eternal leave as the only subline of Barbara I Gongini and from now on we’re going to address the entirety of our focus on the dream to create pieces of clothing with strong attitude towards design and its surroundings. The main objective is to conceive and carry out design ideas that motivate to reflect over conceptuality of fashion, push boundaries of the ordinary and inspire the individuality of style. With tears in our eyes we say our last goodbyes to Nordan and promise ourselves to fondly reminisce all the experience it has brought us.

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These ample advances will help us remember to comply with the initial values of the brand that we’ve established for over a decade ago and aid us to brave the future on our path to greatness.


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