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Androgynous Fashion _ Avant-garde outfits that celebrate femininity & masculinity in unique, non-binary ways

When it comes to personal fashion style, we all express ourselves differently, based on preferences, body shapes, and beliefs. As such, there is a world of mixed genders that use fashion as a space of self-expression. They experiment with garments in all shapes, proportions, and styles to find the ones that best express their inner selves to the world.


Let’s explore how androgynous fashion can create a fluid space for the individual to experiment with their style preferences. We’ve put together a few avant-garde inspired androgynous outfit ideas based on our collections to illustrate how we envision this beautiful expression.





Achieving an Androgynous Style

At BARBARA I GONGINI, we value the blurred lines manifested by androgynous fashion, where femininity meets masculinity in beautiful silhouettes meant to celebrate all body types irrespective of gender identity. Therefore, we highly appreciate the crossover of the collections. Depending on the styling, any piece can be perceived as either feminine or masculine, thus could be labeled as androgynous.

Read more about our thoughts on gender equality and androgyny.


Without further ado, here is the list with a few non-binary outlooks we envisioned to illustrate our take on androgynous fashion:


The black jeans

Denim, jeans especially, transcends gender, age and time, having made its way into the history book as an iconic fashion element even though it started out as a uniform for American workers two hundred years ago. 

While most people have a specific visual in mind when thinking about denim, mainly blue jeans, the liberating effect of black canvas/denim can’t be lost. When they were first introduced, black jeans invited new ideas and means of expression, encouraging people to experiment and discover new facets of their style. 

We appreciate the symbolism behind the black jeans and pay them homage through our collections by envisioning androgynous constructions paired with items such as black canvas jackets, t-shirts and sandals for simple outifts.


Non Binary Outfits

Canvas logo jacket with jersey tank and black jeans (left) and with black canvas jacket and ripped top (right).


The long CANVAS vest

Our view on denim stems from a desire to wearers an idea of the different forms a timeless fabric or garment can take and let them decide which one suits their personal style most.

As such, we reworked the denim vest by elongating and extending the silhouette. We designed an oversized long canvas vest that could be combined with other canvas garments such as jeans and jacket, to achieve a denim-on-denim non-binary outfit


 Androgynous Outfit Ideas

Long denim vest with canvas jacket and black jeans (left) and with jersey top and black jeans (right).


Another outfit suggestion brings together the long oversized vest with wide leg pants and t-shirt or with a simple top with loose joggers and soft sole leather shoes.


Androgynous Outfits

Oversized canvas vest with jogging trousers and long jersey top (left) and  with jersey t-shirt and linen wide leg pants (right).


The wide leg pants

Wide leg pants send us back to the minimalist way of living, focusing rather on cultivating inner strength and craftmanship. Halfway between a skirt and a pair of pants -- the feminine and masculine -- we see them as a great starting point for any type of outfit.

An idea on how to style wide leg pants to form an androgynous outift would be to pair them with a shirt with Mandarin collar or with a t-shirt and taliored linen jacket, along with some chunky-soled shoes


How To Dress Androgynous

From left to right wide leg linen pants with mandarin colar shirt, t-shirt and tailored jacket, and  with long sleeve top.


You can also get inspired by our wide leg pants, crew neck jumper and high top sneakers.

Non Binary Outfit Ideas Wide leg pants with black jumper (left) and with sheer long sleeve top (right).


Nonbinary Outfit Ideas

Wide leg trousers with jersey tank and shirt (left) and with long sleeve jersey top (right). 


The long hoodie

Non-binary fashion involves playing with layers, length, and tactility, as well as mixing what’s considered masculine fabrics like leather with what can be perceived as feminine. You’ll find all these and more in avant-garde designs. 

On that note, at BARBARA I GONGINI, we like to imagine versions of hoodies, cardigans, and vests that express a raw authenticity through their design.

Their deconstructed and asymmetrical cuts leave room for self-expression and allow the wearer to mould the styles to his or her liking.

What started as a utilitarian garment in the ‘30s, the hoodie truly started leaving its mark in the ‘70s when hip-hop culture and art movements emerged. We are drawn to the hoodie due to its rich history, which urged us to envision various outfits with the hoodie as their central piece.

For example, a long simple hoodie offers the option to wear it as both a top and a dress.


Androgynous Outfits Inspiration

Long hoodie (left) with cotton shorts (right).


Our collections also feature cardigans being paired with joggers, simple tops or long deconstructed t-shirts to embody androgynous outlooks.


Non Binary Outfit Inspiration

Asymmetric hooded cardigan with sheer dress (left) and with ripped t-shirt and anatomic pants (right).


How To Dress Nonbinary

Cardigan hoodie with long sleeve top and canvas pants with pockets (left) and with black t-shirt, anatomic pants, and zip bag.


The deconstructed shirt

At the heart of androgynous fashion lies balanceencouraging you to find the mix you feel most comfortable with, between what is seen as feminine and masculine aspects respectively, in both garments and your unique body form.

We design our garments in a way that embraces and celebrates any silhouette, while also leaving the wearer various options to style them. Take, for instance, our deconstructed shirts which we combined with more structured pieces, such as tight-fitted dresses or cotton shorts.


Dressing Androgynous

Deconstructed shirt with sheer dress (left) and with cotton shorts (right).


The pant-skirt

We find it fascinating to go back and explore and try to understand the origins and history of garments, which we then challenge in our collections through reinterpretation. As such, we came across the fascinating story of skirts, which started as clothing for both men and women in the ancient times, only to go through a period where they were considered “appropriate” for women only at the beginning of the 1900s.

At BARBARA I GONGINI, we like to transgress social codes and what is perceived as gender-appropriate by introducing skirts and pant-skirts inspired by the skirt’s heritage into both our men and women collections. As part of an androgynous look, we see them paired with  relaxed tops and sandals or shirts and deconstructed t-shirts.


Androgynous Fashion Style

Pant-skirt with vest (left) and with linen shirt shirt (left).


The loose pants

From emergent Eastern cultures, the loose pants drew our attention. This simple manifestation of early cultural uniforms inspired us to reinterpret the traditional shape of the harem pants while keeping their minimalist and multiway attributes. It materialized in loose pants with deconstructed details that convey the same wrapping visual effects but in a new context.

As part of an androgynous outlook, we see them paired with all kinds of pieces, from fitted tops to loose long tops.


Nonbinary Fashion Style

Loose anatomic pants with long sleeve sheer top (left) and with hooded top (right).


The black leather jacket

The leather jacket’s rich history, dual purpose and representation of rebellion and unconventionality inspired us to materialize our vision of this piece of clothing. We experimented with leather texture, details such as zippers and stitches, and asymmetrical cuts, giving life to designs that can be styled in multiple ways to best suit the wearer.

If you’re looking to build a non-binary outfit with a leather jacket, a suggestion could be to balance the hard texture with clothes made of fluid and softer fabrics, such as loose pants, pant-skirts or long t-shirts.


Androgynous Style

Black leather jacket with cardigan hoodie, t-shirt and cotton shorts (left) and leather jacket with black top, knit cardigan and cotton shorts (right).  


The joggers

The prospect of reinterpreting and reworking the duality of the work-out garment enticed us into materializing our take on them, along with pairing combinations. For an androgynous outfit, an option could be to pair them with a fitted tank and a classic canvas jacket or with an oversized top.


Non Binary Style

Joggers with knit jumper (left) and with black t-shirt and denim jacket (right).


A Final Word on Owning an Androgynous Sense of Style

As a fan of both “worlds” -- feminine and masculine -- as they are now divided, you have so many options of garments you can choose from. It’s just a matter of how you style and wear them. Any of them can be labelled as androgynous, thus giving you infinite possibilities to experiment to achieve that non-binary look you’re aiming for.

We hope our avant-garde inspired androgynous suggestions gave you some ideas on how to mix and match your garments to reflect your personal style best.


Discover more BARBARA I GONGINI androgynous avant-garde garments that you can find in our women and men collections.