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Where Styles Mix _ The Avant-Garde Street Fashion Style

What happens when avant-garde fashion and the streetwear style meet? Find out about this unexpected, contemporary view of how two distinct aesthetics merge and create a new style.


The avant-garde fashion style makes a bold fashion statement with its artistic, edgy and extravagant expression - it requires quite a bit of courage to achieve it. It encourages experimentation through contrasts in shapes, volumes, fabrics, and colors, to give way to unique silhouettes. 


Whether you add small twists of the avant-garde style or go all out, you’ll more than likely construct eye-catching outfits that blur the lines between fashion styles and stand for an original avant-garde street style that’s purely yours. 


On the other hand, streetwear is all about casual, comfortable and relaxed silhouettes, clean shapes, little embellishments, and an overall sophisticated feel


The best fashion moments come from mixing styles and trends together in an unexpected manner. 


A View on Avant-Garde Street Fashion Style


Avant garde and street fashion are part of opposite mediums, yet together with young photographer Kia Hartelius, we somehow managed to merge the two in this unexpected but beautiful fashion editorial.


Kia captured our brand in a street couture bomber series. This collaboration is even more impressionable as it shows Kia’s unique take integrating an Avant-Garde brand in a more high-low flair of Street Couture. 


With the Street Couture Bomber Series, Kia added another layer to our brand’s versatility giving ways to new outfit possibilities outside of the BARBARA I GONGINI’s usual universe. She played with the thought of taking our brand’s expression out to other environments and context, mainly, Street Couture. 


"We have created a story that combines the brand’s time - and ageless key styles with clashing and colorful elements to underline the span of BARBARA I GONGINI realm,” Kia said. She managed just that by working with the form and multifunctionality of the pieces while layering many styles on top of each other in order to create a playful, fun and dynamic interpretation of our brand’s essence.


Kia is a Danish fashion photographer well-known for her distinctive approach to photography that’s suited in terms of unconventionality and gender equality with BARBARA I GONGINI’s. 



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STYLINGEllen Lofts


MODELING Ilethia Sharp / Scoop Model