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Wardrobing Concept

With the fast change of trends, clothes spend less time in our wardrobes than ever before. Having a thought-out wardrobe where every piece of garment that you add to it, ultimately leads to a lifestyle that values sustainability, creativity and expressing individuality - all without falling prey to the frailty of ever-changing and dynamic trends.



Clothes can be a means of personal expression. Garments based on trends often have an expiration date, while a wardrobe in which each unique piece is part of a bigger concept can be timeless and therefore longer-lasting.


Our view on the wardrobing concept is a passion we tend to pursue and one of our core keystones in building a sustainable wardrobe. It is a process through which one can actively build up their wardrobe with few items in mind, hereby supporting the vision concerning longevity and sustainability. Our collections are a part of a never-ending story which allows us to turn to the previous chapter. This is how the idea of a numerical order for the collections was born. Each piece of clothing, from any collection, can be worn together and morphed across seasons. This concept comes as a counter-move to the mainstream fashion industry where attention to strong design and high quality are center stage, as opposed to high volume and mass consumption.


Wardrobing Concept3



Conceptual Framework: Core Principles of Design Process


Timeless Designs: The Wardrobing Concept Entails Longevity & A Conscious Approach to Consumer

To rekindle the garments in the years to come, the collections are based on a numerical order which implies a non-trend-based product, but rather one that is part of a continuous playful tale of craftsmanship that breathes freedom of expression. Therefore, the designs have inter-relevance and fit with the previous, current, as well as the future collections to come.


The Non Sensitive Trend

This is a statement encouraging durability that ignores “this year’s trends” and is defined by creating garments that stand the test of time. Each piece of garment can be worn with all collections. Therefore, the design process is continuous: with each new season the storyline is picked up from where it was left off the prior season and seasonality is replaced by a numerical order constantly building upon past collections. This way, collections become new chapters and both past and current will have relevance and interdependence with the future while allowing wearers to work with a kit that can be customized in any way they prefer.


This conceptual design process means we do not work with fast trends and tendencies, but rather immerse in conceptual design methods that are locked into an avant-garde sphere. This way, we aim to create a product that has a long life cycle.

  Wardrobing Concept


Individuality: Finding Your Own Staples

This experimental approach towards design and fashion opens up possibilities for a particularly close relationship between wearers and clothes. A relationship where co-designing and co-production are possible - a way for the wearers to take part in the final part of the design-setting. This is constituted not only through listening to the demands of the consumers in terms of a more sustainable production line, but also in the design itself. By making pieces that can be personalized and worn in many different ways, the wearer has the freedom to shape it according to their own liking.


Unisex and Androgynous: Clothes that Aren’t Bound by Gender

Our concept is also driven by being able to wear garments from not only different numerical collections but from different gender collections as well. Anything can be worn with everything applies to the garments - women or men. The concept of androgynous garments comes as a quiet revolution to break down gender stereotypes, while still incorporating both binary genders.


The Androgynous outlook is taken even further with the concept of gender fluid aesthetics. Gender fluid describes those garments that go beyond the normative confines of clothing created with a specific gender in mind, thus blurring the line between masculine and feminine. It aims to promote creativity and inclusivity by showcasing the strength of the individual through perfect statement pieces that defy the social norms of sexual orientation or sexual identity.


Wardrobing Concept2


Styling that Leads to Customization

To build on the strength of each individual garment, all collections offer a playfulness of shapes and overlapping of fabrics that make room for personal choices when deciding how to wear a certain piece of clothing and what to add to it. The concept itself is a clear incentive to have the courage to experiment with your style and your vision. The garments are not static but instead put forward an open source for experimentation and customization, inviting the wearer to interact.


Experimental approach

When working towards innovation, it is imperative to understand that real progress can not take place without trial and error, and the most important lessons will be learned by doing. Our aesthetic is about constantly being on the edge and exploring new terrain. The most versatile clothing pieces give you the opportunity to experiment with your style and preferences with each outfit.


MultiFunction Versatility

Being rich on multifunctionality where a single garment can fulfill several functions, a design emerges with a prolonged life-cycle that can be revoked years to come. The key in our designs is such, that once you strip down the look from its multiple layers to their individual elements, you can discover an endless range of possibilities - from minimalism to strong design impact.


Closing Thoughts

Your own wardrobing concept will eliminate the clutter of seasonal trends and tendencies and


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