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Barbara I Gongini

I'M ONLY ALIEN An Editorial by Mathias Mons

I’M ONLY ALIEN is made to challange our view on human morphology and the relation between us and nature. The silhouettes are inspired by reptiles and abnormal growth. Mathias Mons makes a fusion between botanical materials and the androgynous body with the hope to expand the idea of beauty. The editorial has recently been published by FGUK Magazine. 


Mathias Mons Exh 9 Mathias Mons Barbara I Gongini

Mathias Mons Barbara I Gongini Mathias Mons Barbara I Gongini

Mathias Mons Barbara I Gongini



The team behind the series:
Art & Direction by Mathias Mons
Photography by Claus Troelsgaard
Modeling by Sergio Rosa
Grooming by Cecillie Andersen
Styling by Sebastian Zal Filsoof