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In Conversation With is an ongoing series of interviews, aiming to give you an insight of inspiring collaborators, store owners that carry our designs in their stores as well as individuals that are strongly connected to our BARBARA I GONGINI Universe. Dive now deeper into the HEVN Store in Oslo, which was opened by Maia and Knut in 2013. With their great selection of nordic designers they take pride to stock only those with a clear focus on sustainability and ethical production. 

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Could you tell us more about your fashion sanctuary based in Oslo?

HEVN is a small, family owned boutique with a strict avant-garde aesthetic. We don´t do trends, we don´t do contemporary fashion. Only avant-garde. HEVN is curated in pursuit of the beautiful, special, raw and elegant, with the best of avant-garde designers from all over the world.


What is Avant-garde fashion for you?

Freedom from the traditional boundaries of fashion, trends and other silly ideas. Couture and art intertwined. Capsule wardrobes, each more inimitable with every passing season. Limitless combinations. Created by some the nicest people you will ever meet.


Do you have any Avant-garde style figures that inspire you?

Our designers and our customers!


What is the common thread that unites the designers you showcase in your Store?

Quality, and their own individual approach to the avant-garde aesthetic.


Can you tell me a bit about the people who visit your store? 

We cater to a very diverse crowd, in all regards imaginable. Creatives, professionals, authors, clubbers - you name it. Many are new to avant-garde, others have built incredible wardrobes over many years of dedication. I guess their only common trait is good taste.


Talking about perspectives, what do you think BARBARA I GONGINI can add to the Avant-Garde conversation? 

Barbara has been with us since we started, and is one of very few designers we have kept around. She is the European queen of avant-garde, inimitable in every way. Her designs have become an addiction for many of our most loyal customers. Barbara´s approach to layering, flow and multiwearability - along with her take on northern femininity - makes her very significant to us.


BARBARA I GONGINI has been an advocate for the Avant-Garde for over a decade now. When was the first time you encountered the brand? 

Barbara was one of the first designers we approached when we started HEVN. We wanted to create nexus for what we perceive as "Northern Noir", her designs felt right at home in our vision for the shop.


What other designers inspired you before you discovered BARBARA I GONGINI?

_Julius, early Ann Demuelemeester, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Carol Christian Poell and early Yohji Yamamoto were probably the first.


How do you feel when you step into the BARBARA I GONGINI realm?

Creative, relaxed and playful.


What BARBARA I GONGINI pieces do you personally own and how do you feel when you wear them?

Too many to list! 


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