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In Conversation With is an ongoing series of interviews, aiming to give you an insight of inspiring collaborators, store owners that carry our designs in their stores as well as individuals that are strongly connected to our BARBARA I GONGINI Universe. The first one is with Andreas Wall from Kaufhaus Wall, Vienna.


Could you tell us more about your fashion sanctuary based in Vienna?

Our store, WALL, is based in Vienna’s 7th district - most people know it as the district with the largest concentration of hip stores and pleasant restaurants. We’ve lived and worked here for about 20 years and started the store 17 years ago as a mixture between hairdresser and shop. In 2015 we took a big step by changing the name. The old name literally translated to ‘be a good girl’, and we’re now using my family name, ‘WALL’. We’re developing a new strategy and also changing the store concept into a pure shop.


Universe In Conversation With Kaufhaus Wall Vienna  

What is avant-garde fashion for you? 

The term ‘avant-garde fashion’ is pretty difficult to define, but for me it refers to those designers who develop new things and take new paths in their process, advancing the features of good design.


What is the common thread that unites the designers you showcase in your gallery?

We appreciate our designers and their individual and thoughtful way of working. I think that choosing the designers is for the most part a matter of instinct. What’s fascinating in the end is to see the mixture and create various compositions.


Can you tell me a bit about the people who visit your store?

I would say they are very different. They are mainly aged between 25 and 65 years and while half of our clients come from Vienna, the other half is international – visiting Vienna as tourists, or living here temporarily. They often work in creative jobs, as architects, photographers, designers, and what they all have in common is that they’re looking for something special, new and fresh.


Talking about perspectives, what do you think BARBARA I GONGINI can add to the Avant-Garde conversation?

BARBARA I GONGINI has a very personal and special approach, she’s very progressive and consequent. She develops style cuts and combinations of materials that are really characteristic and self-consistent. 


BARBARA I GONGINI is part of your selection. How does the brand’s unique style interplay with your curated aesthetics of the store? 

Barbara’s work fits wonderfully in our overall range and it will soon be at home in our upcoming collection of new designers. A special value of BARBARA I GONGINI’s work is her own understanding of the feminine, right up to the unisex style, which is a very important issue for us as well.


BARBARA I GONGINI has been an advocate for the Avant-Garde for over a decade now. When was the first time you encountered the brand?

Probably it was in Berlin 10 years ago – I don’t remember exactly – when we visited the Fashion Week there.


What other designers inspired you before you discovered BARBARA I GONGINI?

It’s a difficult question for me. I could say Yamamoto, Galliano, Alexander McQueen on the one hand (which we don’t sell in our store), on the other hand several young designers from all over the world.


How do you feel when you step into the BARBARA I GONGINI realm? 

Stepping in BARBARA I GONGINI showrooms is always pleasurable – very clear and well structured, thrilling, and always presented by nice people.
In our store we don’t separate designers into sections and occasionally, we also change the way we hang the clothes. We like to show how garments from different designers can be combined. Even I don’t like wearing the same designer from top to toe – it’s always a mix.


What do you think is the BARBARA I GONGINI’s uniqueness that attracts your customers?

I think it’s the versatility of all her clothes, even if they are from different collections. Besides, my customers know that they wear clothes of the highest quality and materials, optimally manufactured. It is also my impression that the individuality and own style of BARBARA I GONGINI’s clothes let people feel that their own individuality is underlined.


What BARBARA I GONGINI pieces do you personally own and how do you feel when you wear them? 

I own some coats, a leather jacket, several shirts and trousers, and always feel well and special suited when I wear them.


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