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Barbara I Gongini


In visual collaboration with Mikkel Völcker, BARBARA I GONGINI goes back to her roots – the Faroese Islands. Visualizing the transformation from an ancient primitive tribe to the next level of humanity. Within the film the collaborators extend the idea of the model using clothing to dress up and down. The danish hairstylists Søren Bach and Joekim Davie Lenny Nielsen are creating looks, transforming from the pure and vulnerable raw skin to outrageous leather shapes and headpieces.


It is a circular process of upgrading and downgrading the look in synergy with the style of the clothes. Jón Atli Helgasson contributes an aural sound scape wandering between glimpses of shattered tribal music to techno tunes, while the danish choreographer Sara Gaardbo enriches the team with her ability to create movements that mirrors the inspirational transformation.


Together they form an interdisciplinary collective, which is based upon a lasting trust between each individual and their nordic origin. A new entity transcending the borders of imagination, levitating with international gravity that transforms through a deeper understanding of their shared dedication towards the arts.


Make-Up: Massimo Mazzotta Møller for Mac Cosmetics / Hair: Joekim Davie Lenny Nielsen & Søren Bach for Naboløs / Choreography: Sara Gaardbo / Music: Human Woman / Photographer/Filmmaker: Mikkel Völcker Studio / Film Editing: Janus á Argjahøvda / Beverage: Absolut Vodka, Charitea, Lemonaid / Pr International: December Agency / Creative Associate: Lea Zaar and Emilie Scheel / Hair & Make-Up design for Lookbook Shoot Collection 9 & 26: Søren Bach & Mac Cosmetics / Special thank you and unique love to all interns of special format.

Model: Besa T ( Diva Models)
Dancer: Luc Boris Andre / Jens Schyth Brøndum 


Big thank you goes to Nordisk Kulturfond​ for making this project possible.  


Discover the whole video here.

ImageHenrik Ohsten