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Barbara I Gongini


Avant-Garde fashion means no set rules. The concept of styling a piece in several ways is rooted in the movement’s ideal to provide simple but useful garments. In our language, this approach is called MULTIWAYS, therefore experimentation is one of the crucial values that we support and a main pillar of our DNA. Multiways garments are designed to give the wearer a functional piece of fashion with elements easy to adjust, so that it seems like wearing a different piece every time.


The idea of shifting shapes invites the consumers to interact with the garments and hereby prolong the life-cycle of the piece. The wearer is invited to reinvent their style and wear designs in a multitude of ways, restricted only by imagination. This freedom of expression and versatility of multiway designs, serve as a crucial point in sustainability initiatives. Sustainabilty is topic, which is very close to our heart. That is why we do our best  constantly trying to reduce the wastage of clothing by implementing this concept. 




BARBARA I GONGINI multiways designs.  Find more #multiways styles in our Webshop. Discover them here.

ImageMikkel Völcker