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Barbara I Gongini


FABRIK BRANDS. While the sphere of style of the Nordic countries is a mystery to many and is often associated with minimlist aesthetics and practitionality assumingly representing a utalitarian and traditional traits FABRIK BRANDS sheds some light on how in reality things are up in the north in this extensive article. As some fashion brands stray into political and socio-economical dimensions expanding what is generally agreed to be wearable fashion, Barbara I Gongini 'rejects normative pressures and societal order, in favour of raw human statements'. FABRIK BRANDS further writes, the brand of Barbara I Gongini is 'challenging the patterns of an old-fashioned society with experimental geometric cuts and undefined silhouettes' and as such it brings people to the realziation that the 'true beauty of fashion lies in giving people the opportuity to share their inner selves'.


As Barbara I Gongini's creative flair for the undefineable and her ironclad striving for promoting sustainability in a symbiotic relationship with fashion are all deeply rooted in her upbringing in the North Atlantic archipelago of Faroe Islands it is clear to see that the importance of raw natural resources and nature preservation is at the top of the agenda of the Faroese. Amid the adherence to and thus promotion of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) model, Barbara I Gongini shows that the 'art in the avant-garde sphere should be (also) about discovering what lies beneath, unlocking the secrets of the soul and awakening the senses with new and (initially) complicated ideas' as the brand invites people to take control of fashion once again.


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PHOTOAdam Katz Sinding