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Slow Fashion _ The Avant-Garde Way

Leila Heinesen is one of the students from KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology that Barbara I Gongini took under her mentorship.


With Barbara’s guidance, Leila worked on a CSR project where she explored the Slow Fashion movement.


The Slow Fashion Concept

Slow fashion is a concept inspired by the slow food movement. Coined in 2007, slow fashion is the antithesis of fast fashion, proposing a more sustainable way of producing clothes.


While fast fashion is focused on manufacturing and distributing collections at a rapid pace according to fashion trends, slow fashion is at the intersection of ethical, eco and lasting fashion, combining the pleasure of wearing beautiful garments with social and environmental awareness, thus lowering the consumption rate.


According to the slow fashion philosophy, producers use high-quality manufacturing and materials to make garments last longer as opposed to instant gratification that comes with fast fashion. Slow fashion brands are focused on quality rather than quantity, on making timeless pieces, rather than trendy, so they often have few styles that they reinterpret and release two-three times a year.

 Slow Fashion 1

Leila applied soft fashion principles in her project, where she had to interpret and express the North Atlantic aesthetic and the Faroe Islands core DNA using old knitting techniques specific to this region.


Leila had a set kit of materials and techniques she at her disposal to mold a physical surface that interbreeds and captures the mood of said region in a concise and dense manner.


The silhouette has been dictated, and has slowly emerged in sync and in flow with the erupting micro cosmos that has sprung out from the process of materialising the fabric via the hand knit technic. Every element in the surface design was crucial to defining the shape and style. The final outcome was an object with a powerful design resulting from a calm and slow process.


The project implied an in-depth on-going process that ended with a piece unique in composition and craftsmanship.


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