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The BARBARA I GONGINI main collection is moving into a free realm, with form of expression and playfulness at its core. A sphere where raw authenticity underlines the process of creation. The experimental and conceptual approach to the garments cuts, choice of fabric and visible treatments, are the center of attention. The collection contains a clear reference to the modular process, where craftsmanship has a strong hold on each garment.
The BARBARA I GONGINI Man 10 and Women Collection 27 is taking new grips on categories like tailored, sportswear and denim. The aim is to morph a new outcome that reflects a natural choice of fabric with a slightly more progressive form language. The Avant-Garde reference stands out in its full potential, visible through high quality fabric compositions, the construction of designs, as well as organic treatments and washes. Visible stitches, outside seams, as well as geometrical and anatomical cuts support the high-end expression of the clothing designs, which emanate in a strong high-end product.

The absence of color stands in the limelight. Hues of natural tones find its essence in the shades of grass blades, which sway unsteadily in the Nordic gust, which mirrors the reference to the Nordic landscape. For our seamless line, jerseys, silk designs and linen styles a nude color has been chosen. 

The new Avant-Garde Collection consists of an accumulation of organic textiles, shifting from raw linen and natural cotton to light chiffons. The used leather is treated with heat, to depict the Nordic textures. Elongated mesh layers break the continuity of dense fabrics in a continuous evolvement of the composition. The collection will be available for the public in the first months of 2018. 


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