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Barbara I Gongini

Weather Diaries Exhibition tour in the Baltic countries

The 2019 Weather Diaries exhibition was launched on the 6th of February in Riga, Latvia, at the Latvian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. The worldwide tour will continue in Vilnius at the Lithuanian Art Museum (April, 11-13), and end in Tallinn, Estonia, at The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (September, 27-28).


When it comes to fashion, Nordic countries are well known for going against the current and creating idiosyncratic sustainable pieces using their distinctive origins and local resources as inspiration. Each year, the public is invited to discover the roots of Nordic fashion and design traditions at The Weather Diaries exhibition.


Founded in 2014 by artist duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer at the request of The Nordic House in Reykjavík (Iceland), the project reunites views of both young and seasoned artists and designers from the arctic and sub-arctic islands of Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. The exhibition is unique in the sense that instead of focusing on seasonal trends, it delves deep with an anthropological view on how Baltic cultural heritage, climate, and isolation influence the creative process. Some places are defined by pearls, some by mist, while others by ice but under Cooper and Gorfer’s vision, they all merge into one otherworldly visual narrative infused with dark romanticism, dramatic natural settings, and powerful characters.


After presenting the modular human installation at the 2018 edition, BARBARA I GONGINI is again one of the 11 artists touring under The Weather Diaries flagship, participating with two showpieces along with large-scale photographic works by Cooper and Gorfer.